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2020. 05. 21
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2020. 05. 21

COVID-19: Mauritius appears to be COVID-19-free.

We are happy to share some good news with you….at long last!

Mauritius appears to be Covid19-free. The Mauritian Authorities have announced that we have a total recovery from all infections as at 11 May 2020.

We have had no report of new infections for 18 days now!

However, we are still under lock-down until 01. June but since today a few business have re-opened.

The Connections management team will meet at the office 3 times per week as from Monday.

We believe, that commercial flights may start operations again as from August. We have heard rumours from reliable sources but no confirmation whatsoever.

The Mauritian Strategy for the re-opening of tourism will be to reassure tourists that the destination is as safe as their home.

Everything will be done to ensure a save environment, in the hotels, on sight seeing tours or on cruises..

The whole industry is concerned with educating the staff on safety measures and the introduction of policies which ensures the maximum precautions.

We think positive and with your help we will make through this crisis!