FITUR 2020
2020. 01. 14
FREE WEBINAR on Thematic tours in Spain
2020. 04. 28


We know that this period is extremely hard for you, the days are fully stressed and we have doubts about our future. But we have to keep strong and prepare ourselves for the moment when our industry will restart.

Yo know that YOGA is a mix of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that keep you strong in every sense. With Covid-19 cases increasing every single day, its time to get active and take self-responsibility. At the time of this crisis, yoga can be a great source to keep you safe, healthy and fit.
The fitter you are, the better is your immunity While what you eat plays an essential role, physical activity/ workout holds the utmost importance.

So now we INVITE you for a FREE YOGA COURSE (1 hour).
Let’s join us and enjoy the moment with us.

How should you prepare yourself for this course?

3 hours of fasting before the session is mandatory. If feeling hungry, then you can have water based fruit only.
Wear loose comfortable clothes during the session.
Arrange a Yoga Mat and keep a water-bottle handy during the session.
The area where you are going to perform yoga should be well lit and properly ventilated as well.

When is it?
We are waiting for you on 22 April 2020 – 1530-1630 (IST)

You can join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

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