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2022. 02. 17
WTM 2022
2022. 10. 25

Welcome back to Vietnam 😍

After what has seemed like endless waiting, it’s finally happened! Vietnam reopened its doors to international travellers on the 15th of March, much to the relief and celebration of all of us.

Easia Travel Vietnam hosted a webinar, during which they provided some exciting updates about the destination to let you confidently sell Vietnam again in 2022!

We’re sorry we missed you, but don’t worry, we’d like to invite you to view the presentation in your own time. So, we’re sending you a link to the recording so you can watch the webinar at your own convenience and/or view the pdf of the presentation when you wish.

You can access all this via the following links:

And do not forget, for any inquiries to Vietnam, please contact us at vietnam@str-cee.com.