Announcement of MacSun
2018. 09. 11
Announcement of MacSun
2018. 09. 11

Announcement of RAD Tourism and Travco Jordan

We are happy to announce, that our portfolio expanded again, now with two unique destinations from the Middle-East, and of course at the same time two new professional DMC partners, which take great care of the travellers on these destinations:


Hereby we would like to welcome RAD Tourism Iran within the STR-Family:

Iran – what images does this name conjure up in your mind? Highly controversial as a destination of travel, Iran is surely one of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit and is gaining in popularity!

The unexpectedly beautiful destinations in Iran and the plethora of cultures, traditions, landscapes and ethnic groups provides enough material for a genuinely surprising visit. Iran is a kaleidoscope of colours!

Experience a great journey with Rad Tourism Company in Iran:

Our DMC partner in Iran, Rad Tourism, boasts a decade of experience in the tourism industry. They organize a highly qualified teamwork and a wide variety of tours for individuals and groups including inbound historical, cultural anthropological, trekking, adventure and natural excursion tours.
For individuals and companies who visit Iran, Rad Tourism Company, can offer unique tourism services. Rad Tourism Company is proud of introducing the rich culture and civilization as well as the beautiful and diverse nature of Iran to the entire world. The highly professional approach, best quality services, expertise, specialized packages and reasonable prices have made the incoming agency Rad Tourism Company the best choice to meet all the needs of domestic and foreign travellers.

Staying in the Middle-East, we are also happy to welcome TRAVCO Jordan with us:

From the famous rock city Petra to the magnificent desert landscape of Wadi Rum, from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, from sites we know from the bible to the modern city of contrasts, Amman: Jordan surprises visitors with an un expected versatility!
Spoiled for choice, the curious traveller can choose between adventures in the desert, the mountains or go off-road into the vast landscapes. If you’re a culture vulture, then Petra will truly fascinate you! And after an authentic cultural experience, you can enjoy the sun and sea on the great shores of Aqaba in one of the fascinating hotels along the Red Sea. Jordan is also perfect for sporty people, so why not go climbing in the rock desert or ride a camel? No matter which path you take, Jordan will always lead you to new adventures.

A few reasons to choose Jordan:

1- Jordan variety of products, History, Culture, SPA and Wellness, Nature and Beach Holidays
2- Red Sea which is Aqaba, and Dead Sea
3- Very nice and hot climate during your winter time
4- The all-inclusive formula introduced at the Red Sea and Dead Sea By Travco Jordan
5- The easy tours between cities as it is a small country which means that from Top north to South you can tour is in 6 hours
What you should know about Travco, our DMC partner in Jordan…
The incoming agency Travco Jordan will assist you in planning the perfect trip for your clients, whether for groups or for individual travellers. They offer round trips in the whole of Jordan, especially themed ones as well as more traditional programmes. At Travco Jordan, the high quality of the multilingual guides is ensured by international standards, so that they can present Jordan to clients in the most passionate way. See how the secrets of Jordan unravel with our partner DMC Travco Jordan! Travco was founded over 30 years ago and today is one of the leading incoming agencies/DMCs in the country and has been many times ranked as #1 DMC by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Jordan.

Beside the mentioned information, there are plenty of others touching various, programs, excursions, sights and opportunities in Iran and Jordan. Should you need further details, tailor made proposals, and would like to get in touch with your dedicated contact in Iran or Jordan, please do not hesitate to contact us!