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Incoming Agency Quimbaya Latin America

No matter where you go, in Peru you constantly stumble upon the heritage of ancient civilisations and a rich colonial tradition. The country boasts a great biodiversity and is a true melting-pot of cultures. The name Peru conjures up pictures of the mysterious ruin city Machu Picchu, the archaelogical sites of the Inca imperium and the strange Nazca lines in the desert…The Peruvians are a proper party people and with over 3,000 festivals you will find yourself enjoying one festival or another somewhere during your travels. The capital Lima is, like Cusco, part of the UNESCO world heritage and invites its visitors with lots of museums to browse through the rich history of the country. The beaches are perfect for releaxing and letting your soul unwind… but also for water sports and wellness! Combine Peru with Argentina or Brazil.

Our partner DMC Peru, Quimbaya Latin America, opened their first incoming office in Bogotá in 1987 – so they are one of our most established incoming agencies/DMCs. The name conjures up images of the sun, wilderness and ancient cultures – indeed, Quimbaya was named after an ancient tribe that lived in the pre-Colombian coffee regions and is known for its detailed gold smith works. You can feel the passion for detail at Quimbaya Latin America too, who look to their customer’s every need with their expert teams on spot. Boasting over 30 years of experience in 10 countries in Central and South America you can rely on true expertise, even multi-destination programs are easily managed! Quimbaya is your point of contact for 10 destinations – your one-stop solution!

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from Central Europe approx. 15,5 hours by plane

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